Voice Search Heavily Impact Search Queries In 2023: Time To Optimize Your Pages

Since user experience is one of the most important criteria for Google ranking, it’s not surprising that voice search queries will significantly affect how we conduct searches in 2023. From the boost in purchasing to the increase in onboard mobile searches and reviews, voice search will drive the action in the business industry!

Let us delve deeper into the details. 

Voice Search Explained

Voice search refers to a type of search in which users manually ask for information using their voice. This is accomplished through hardware and software on smartphones and other devices such as tablets or computers. 

Modern consumers are fond of using smart gadgets for shopping purposes and always need information about the products they intend to buy. Since voice search is a faster, easier and quicker way, it has earned its place in mobile searches.

As a matter of fact, Google reveals that 20% of mobile searches are voice searches. It even predicts that the number to increase to more than 50% by 2022.

Why Do Users Get Hooked On Voice Search?

According to a survey conducted by Google, the following are the top 10 reasons why mobile users get hooked on voice search:

Less time-consuming

As per PWC, roughly 71% of searchers utilize voice assistants when conducting a query. Rather than typing out queries, users can simply speak, and it will automatically provide the results. It saves us a lot of time.

Voice assistants such as Alexa and Google Home never get bored with questions.

You can continue using your hands to do other things while searching. Can’t you?

Convenience is the main reason (72%) why users prefer voice assistants over other options. Since it is a mostly hands-free experience, it’s easy on the eyes too.

For busy people, voice search helps focus on important tasks at hand as they don’t have to spend time browsing.

More personalized shopping

When shopping online, one problem that most users encounter is product diversity. It is a huge challenge to find products from different categories and brands. For example, you are buying a running shoe. User query will usually start typing in words: running shoe. It will list all running shoes, not just those you are looking for.

We have all gone through this experience before where we browsed through different sizes and colors to find the right product without any luck. However, with voice search, it can do everything for you! You just have to say: “find me a pair of running shoes that fits my size,” and it will do the rest!

No need to leave any important details that you may forget. It is the best way to get what you want!

It is a great experience to have. You don’t need to spend time browsing and searching through different products. Instead, voice search will do the trick for you!

Best search result? No need to click on them!

Find what you want in one single search. One of the best things about voice search is that it has helped users avoid distractions when shopping online.

Marketers can be more responsive to users

Marketers will have access to high-quality data about the user’s query. For example, your device can determine what you are looking for based on a voice query. Your voice volume will also inform you about how much text you can recall so that the search engine can provide you with the best results as efficiently as possible.

Compared to type search queries, voice searches are more specific. Translating voice queries into language appropriate for a search engine is more efficient than typing out the query. More accurate search results can be achieved via voice search, which increases the likelihood of meeting users’ needs. Users can speak their own language, and the search engine can translate it for them!

Tips To Optimize Your Website Pages for Voice Search

The advent of voice search represents a frontier in the way we search. It is here to stay, and no matter how much we deny it, we are going to adapt to it. Optimizing pages for voice search is the first step towards making that happen.

These best practices may help optimize your search pages for voice user queries:

1. Answer The Five “W” s

Answer the “Five W’s” or the so-called who, what, where, when and why of your business. The more specific your answer is, the more likely you will rank well with voice search engine results.

What’s more important is that you have an answer to the question of “position zero,” or the topmost answer in the Google search results. 

2. Include long-tail keywords in your content

Long-tail keywords are generally easier to rank because they have a narrower, more specific focus and a higher relevancy score. In other words, they’re easier to find in Google search results due to a higher probability of being exactly what the user is looking for. Long tail keywords are generally 2-12 words long and are subdivided into phrases and individual words.

3. Implement schemas and rank for local searches

Schemas, or structured data, are code that helps give Google a basic understanding of the content contained in your site. This allows it to better categorize your site content and serve it up in the user’s search results.

Schemas are just HTML tags that can be added to a website. Go beyond simply using them to add keywords to your web copy. You want to make sure that you are using all of the types of schema available and their most appropriate tags accordingly.

The Bottom Line

In a nutshell, searches will soon be led by voice commands, and optimizing your online content for voice searches will become essential. It is a completely hands-free experience that makes searching convenient, affordable and valuable to the user.

So, marketers should adapt to these changes in user behavior and adjust their strategies to include speech recognition technology.

The main idea behind optimizing your site is to anticipate what the customer wants and give it to them as fast as possible. This may sound difficult at first, but it is quite simple once you start getting into the rhythm of things.

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