5 Best Free SEO Tools For Bloggers

Content creation and SEO (search engine optimization) must work together. They are essential to ensure that the content will perform optimally on search engines.

There are SEO tools that can help in optimizing the content, but you need to pay for it. The good thing is there are some free SEO tools that can help newbie bloggers without spending much.


This free SEO tool helps improve the technical SEO and on-page of the website or the blog. You can check different statistics through the intuitive dashboard. It also provides suggestions and techniques to optimize your site.

Sitechecker helps the website to become visible in SERP and removes the major vulnerabilities of the site. For easy access, you can add the tool as a chrome extension.

Answer The Public

It is a useful tool when creating content because it suggests keywords. It gives ideas about how people search online and what they are looking for.

The keyword ideas are displayed like a mind map so that you can easily visualize and understand the data. The keywords are categorized, by comparison, prepositions, questions, and other related aspects. The free version has limited searches per day.

Google Search Console

Every website owner or content creator must use this tool. It helps to understand the performance of your website in Google search. You will also find out if there’s any issue affecting the organic search traffic or visibility.

Through this tool, you will know the frequency people visit your site. You can use Google Search Console to check and submit your sitemaps and check the website’s backlinks.

Google Trends

Another SEO tool that can help to track or monitor which specific keyword is trending. It also gives an overview of which keywords are frequently used. Google Trends makes a comparison of two keywords and determine how its popularity changes. It is a helpful tool for market and product analysis.

LSI Graph

If you are interested in latent semantic indexing or LSI, you must have this tool. It helps to measure the semantic relevance of a group of words. Through the LSI graph, the content creator will know the words related to the target keyword used.

Thus, determine if there’s a need to improve the content. You will also know if the content is optimized with essential metrics such as LSI usage, Semantic Density, and Content Sentiment.


When creating content, the main objective is to drive more people to read, listen, watch, or interact with it. It can be possible through the help of the SEO tools mentioned above. Try any of the tools and prove it for yourself.

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