6 Types Of YouTube Ads

Have you watched on YouTube and seen an ad either at the start, middle, or end of the video? Running a PPC or sponsored social media campaign is considerably different from doing advertising on YouTube.

Before you even start planning your next video production, you need to have a basic understanding of this platform in order to take full advantage of the paid alternatives. Why? Because there are a lot of options and particular creative limitations to follow.

6 Types of Youtube Ads

1. Non-skippable in-stream ads

Similar to skippable advertising, non-skippable in-stream advertisements also display at the start or throughout a video. These ads, though, are significantly shorter, and viewers cannot skip them to access their videos.

Non-skippable advertising is brief commercials consisting of a maximum length of 15 seconds. It communicates as briefly as possible what the company does and what product or service it offers.

2. Skippable in-stream ads

Users can skip in-stream ads with longer duration after watching the first five seconds. These ads, many of which last up to a minute, are excellent for introducing any business to new audiences. However, to keep viewers interested in the whole ad before they skip to the actual video, you must capture their attention in the first five seconds.

3. Bumper ads

It is similar to a non-skippable in-stream ad but significantly shorter. A bumper ad is a terrific approach for a brand to communicate a brief message to prospective new customers because it lasts no more than six seconds.

4. In-feed video ads

In addition to appearing next to related YouTube videos, an in-feed video ad also shows at the top of YouTube search results. These advertisements show up when YouTube users look for terms, helping their brand to be found by new audiences who are already interested in their goods or services.

5. Outstream ads

On websites and apps that use Google video partners, outstream advertisements can be seen online on mobile devices. These ads begin silently, yet viewers can turn the sound back on if the ad captures their interest.

6. Masthead ads

On the desktop and mobile versions of YouTube, a masthead advertisement is displayed at the top. It plays silently for 30 seconds before switching to a thumbnail.

This ad also feature a right-side information panel that directs users to your channel and provides additional information but on desktop only. Only when coordinating with a Google sales representative is this type of advertisement available for reservation.

The Bottom Line

Use YouTube ads to increase brand exposure, website traffic, sales, leads, and product or service consideration.

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