10 Digital Trends That Shaped The Internet In 2022

2021 was a remarkable year for the Internet. Thanks to several factors, humans have successfully adapted counting one year after the lockdowns. In this article, GoSEO will point out the most relevant advancements from the trends innovated on the Internet.

1. The Announcement of The Metaverse

Mark Zuckerberg announced the end of an era as Facebook would gradually transition into Meta. Its use of convenient 3D spaces like the Metaverse is not new. Still, with how Meta will affect the future of the digital climate, billions of people, including SEO companies, will be watching how this trend evolves. Metaverse would be a combination of eBay, VR Chat, and Skype-based on Zuckerberg’s announcement this year. Nonetheless, it will be surprising.

2. Interactive Content

Useful for companies that sell tangible services like interior design firms, e-commerce, and furniture brands like IKEA. This was a remarkable technological advancement because it gave viewers a feeling of a free demo despite not buying the products or services yet. In addition, several Western countries have applied interactive ads on department and convenience stores for daily products.

3. Controversial Marketing

The Spider-Man No Way Home controversy was the worst-kept lie in Hollywood history. The rumored re-appearance of Tobey Maguire and Andrew Garfield’s clip spread towards early to late 2020. The No Way Home cast was raved on with possible context clues on the rumors.

Tobey Maguire jokingly admitted it to a fan once the trailers released, Andrew Garfield was ultimately in denial, and Tom Holland, the current torchbearer of Spider-Man who was notoriously clumsy about spoilers, was surprisingly quiet about the topic. The film was a box office hit despite all that’s happening. What else is there to say?

This should be the part where we talk about Conversational Marketing, but the controversy was always the best marketing tool. An automatic viral meme can launch a thousand ships. Prince, Michael Jackson, even the Beatles knew about this. If you can watch the 2021 documentary Get Back, you’d know how they love responding to controversial topics.

Taylor Swift and Jake Gyllenhaal’s controversial relationship was a common controversial topic everywhere, and it brought eyes towards sensitive left-leaning issues. Although Twitter conversations about Taylor’s new topic were about Gyllenhaal and Swift’s abusive relationship, it highlighted domestic abuse against women and grooming. Regardless of what’s happened, Taylor’s new full length, Evermore and her re-issue of Red were are on Billboard’s top spot. It also helps that the music video of “All Too Well” featured Dylan O’Brien of Teen Wolf fame and Sadie Sink from Stranger Things in an abusive-relationship-themed music video. Well, to her merit, Taylor Swift plays the marketing fiddle all too well I guess.

4. The Google Summer Update

The key takeaway with this summer update is that its primary intent was to distribute valuable and concrete knowledge about the COVID-19 vaccine.

In that way, it demanded many factors changed in the algorithm and everyone’s perspective of the Internet.

Mobile SEO and Google’s more innovative AI automation were crucial factors and the ability of these factors to control everything around it. As a result, the Internet will be a safer space to disseminate facts.

5. Podcasts

Podcasts and other audio content have entered SEO thru the Summer Update. Not only that, Google will allow automated and specific search queries via image searching, Audio AI was also hinted. In the years that will come, Audio Marketing will genuinely be an integral factor for Google to consider marketing factors in optimization.

6. E-Commerce

E-Commerce and its integral application during a volatile time in humanity impacted and changed the digital landscape.

That’s the easiest way to say Jack Ma and Jeff Bezos just got richer despite everything going on, but to their merit, we can get accessible food and easier logistics through e-commerce. So it’s not just Alibaba and Amazon.

Even smaller e-commerce companies like Carousell and Grab were instrumental in making supplies easier for the common Netizen.

7. Mobile Commerce

Another way that SEO companies remained relevant was because of the colossal wave of people consuming the Internet at a vast amount. Generation Alpha has entered the chat, everybody!

During this era, kids who started online classes were easy targets of e-commerce and online shops. In addition, the deployment of online classes means that there are methods to covertly interject product placement in key platforms where the classes take place. May it be on Zoom, Skype, or even Discord.

8. Livestreaming

You have seen this everywhere on Instagram, Twitch, and Facebook. Of course, live selling and Video Marketing are not new. Still, since this became the norm in posting in Facebook groups, it had remarkable, spot-on marketing tactics since Facebook groups have similar niches. Whether gaming, novels, clothing, or toys, online selling is an ongoing trend.

Other methods of marketing features are rampant on Twitch, Instagram, and YouTube streaming. Niche interests like Anime Podcast Trash Taste, Gaming review sources like IGN, and Product Influencers like Marcus Brownlee were instrumental in considering this a marketing trend.

9. Local Logistics/Geofencing

Geofencing is not a new idea. It is an idea introduced once Google implemented map optimization years ago. However, since there were drastic territorial restrictions due to apparent reasons, everybody realized Philippine SEO could truly be a useful tool. Local Logistics put this technological breakthrough to good use by online marketers. Just search “the best-fried chicken in manila,” and you’ll get swarmed by results and reviews.

These are suggestions all designed for the intent of your search. Another feature that MUM has rehashed and innovated. Besides local optimization, you can use this depending on your target market. For example, if your target market is in Tokyo or Paris, the same method is also similar. Only change the time zone you’re in, and you’re all set.

10. Omnichannel Marketing

The blog has previously mentioned that you should choose the platforms your key demographic usually spend their time on. Therefore, using an ideal key demographic and a persona can be genuinely effective since you can tweak your marketing strategy depending on your perfect persona’s living predicament.

Tik Tok is the new marketing battlefield. Just count the memes that are shared on other websites. On Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, and Instagram. Tik Tok is the cesspool where the majority of the youth spend their time on. Gone are the days of Snapchat and Vine. Instead, Tik Tok is the modern source for 15 seconds of fame and instant gratification.

But don’t mind the haters. The kids are having a blast.

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