What is Search Intent?

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Now, you should look for the relevant rankings on websites. If you did not see what you were looking for, you could also look for the “people also ask for…” section. There you get a more specific answer.

What you did is an excellent example of search intent. You accessed your browser to search for something specific. How does this relate?

You see, you can broaden your keywords based on the niche. The normal user intent of an individual is what you yearn to figure out. Hence the use of keywords. For example, you have a home improvement blog; the search intent for that would correlate to many keywords that can help you. In addition, some of these keywords have relevant clicks like interior design, concrete sanding, gardening, and DIY.

Users will get into your relevant keywords if you choose them correctly. But that is not always the case. Your content needs to be accurate and user-friendly. How?

Enlarge the typeface.

Your fonts need to be screen readable. To make sure, at least it is at least 14 pixels, so that website content is readable on the computer screen.

Add images and video.

These are also useful if you also have affiliate links, and it adds understandability and appeal to your website.

Use Subheadings

This can also help people organize their thoughts if you articulate your content well.

Constantly Update content.

Keywords are like jokes. Some do not age well. Keywords need to be updated in hindsight because their relevance changes through time.

The “people also search for…” section can be a helpful tool.

This section can help you calibrate your relevant backlinks and keywords for your website. This area is a summary of what people were constantly looking for in relation to the niche of your keywords.

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