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Why “Your Money, Your Life” Websites Are Not Effective Anymore in 2021?

Google’s Summer update is the shakeup that nobody expected. As Google starts to aim for legitimacy for their queries, here is the scoop on what a local entrepreneur who wants to transition in the digital marketing platform should keep doing or avoid. We have the sauce, and GoSEO will lead you into it.

Summer Google Update

Google’s decision of invalidating “Your Money, Your Life,” aka YMYL content of Google’s Summer Update, is an integral step in legitimizing authentic businesses online.

Google stands with everyone and values the validity and authenticity of businesses and other different kinds of content creators. However, Online Content Creators and people in the industry, the influencers who harbor these individuals or digital entities, will put the production of fake news, propaganda, fake charity, scam products, and the like into a trial of fire on debating the legitimacy of their products.

The Nas Daily Controversy

Nas Daily is your go-to site if you want that positivity in life UNTIL HE WASN’T. Allegedly, Nas Daily was a scam artist from Harvard who tokenized the Israeli-Palestine War, a 103-year-old Filipina cultural heritage artist, and many other accusations.

Hence, people like Nas Daily, who profiteered many times from the poor, had an organic decline after his online meltdown. It started in May 2021, when an Al-Jazeera Journalist spoke up against him. This incident happened when the Israeli and the Palestine civil war was red hot on the news. He has lost millions of followers at this writing because of several sources speaking up online of his biased and opportunistic deeds.

In addition, he allegedly scammed a 103-year-old Indigenous Artist, Apo Whang Od, without her consent for advertising a “Mambabatok” tattooing class. This scandal led his online reputation into a deeper downward spiral. The Philippines has millions of internet users and had a massive uproar against Nas Daily.

Google will now filter and not tolerate fake news outlets and propaganda sites without forcing them to back shreds of evidence for their validity.

Google Has Read the Room, and You Need to As Well

During the pandemic, there has been a massive surge of unemployment. As a result of millions of Filipinos losing jobs, the masses were forced to innovate into small niche businesses to survive. It is the local reaction and solution to the majority’s loss of access to finance, grocery, and food products.

A ravaging amount of new small to medium enterprises launched and transitioned into social media and SEO. So even the local optimization metrics became more competitive as well.

Nowadays, having a positive response from a business is enough leverage for vouching for authenticity. However, it does not mean that SEO is invalid. In all honesty, SEO is integral in leveraging a local business into its next step.

The Decline of YMYL Content Online

Your Money, Your Life content was an ideal marketing initiative during the 2019 Google Update. However, tumultuous events and a rapid increase in consuming information and search engine usage have drastically changed those Niche websites into scam and profiteering websites.

It is sad to say, but goodbye to all the websites that reek toxic positivity and have “too good to be true” offers that end up in disappointment. Google is gatekeeping scam products to endorse legitimate and legal ones for the common person’s benefit. This means that this integral SEO update will require more mental gymnastics for your starting Digital marketer and telemarketers.

But wait, there’s more! No, Billy Mays won’t make it in 2021’s online marketing landscape unless you have a verified professional on your team. Have a good business relationship with legally licensed people if you want to market your products.

How to Prevent Your Business from Having a Nas Daily Issue?

There is a singular solution for this update, validity. You will not lose marketing opportunities if you are telling the truth online. But that is not only it. If you have positive feedback on your account/website, then you do not need to worry.

Validity plays a massive key in accountability as well. Hence if you need good SEO, you need a Byline and a separate profile on a blog owner’s “About Me” section. Or a piece of tiny information about the author of your content. That way, you can claim that your content creator extends their journalistic knowledge about products or what people should do in given situations.

However, if you’re covering things like popular culture, this would not impact your website. But that does not mean that everyone is scot-free in requiring a byline for their content.

Why Does My Business Need to be a Legitimate Service?

Nowadays, it is hard to claim your site as a legitimate service unless you have a reputation of being licensed and credited to serve the people.

This factor is an instrumental prerequisite for why Google created the YMYL update. Fake content creators that offer law, finance, medicine, and educational advice will be in question. Unless you have legitimate financial experts, lawyers, medical practitioners, and educators on your team, your content will rank down automatically.


The update is why content creators like the medically credited Doc Adam and a journalist like Maria Ressa of Rappler, who recently won a Nobel Prize, and a legitimate Law firm like Villaraza and Angcangco will get a massive boost on their SEO.

So, the pro tip here is that if you want to sell or vouch for medical products, you need a medical practitioner—especially a pharmacist or any board passer in the medical field will vastly help your metrics. If you’re going to market furniture, you need an architect or an interior designer. If you’re going to look for legal advice, you need a Lawyer. If you need to ask for an amount for budgeting a house of your own, you need an engineer or a legitimate real estate agent to have a grounded and valid digital transaction for vast amounts of money. Such is in the world of Digital Marketing.

So, you will need us, and GoSEO will help you market your business correctly.

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